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Quality Assurance

We maintain strict control on Quality in all stages of production right from raw material to shipment. We have in-house quality control Lab. which is equipped with UTM, SPECTRO analyzer, Impact testing machine, Hardness testing machine. We have in house facility of all NDT equipment such as Radiography, UT, MPI & DP. Added to this qualified level II professional who carry out NDT operations. We have facility for radiography of castings, Die penetrate and magnetic particle inspection of material, NDT, In house Spectrometer for Physical analysis & specialized tests are furnished on demand.

Our 10 Q.A. Personnel's are trained and qualified in accordance to SNT-TC-1A for carrying out non destructive examination of jobs. Company have its own Standard Room for calibration of measuring instruments, Gauges & temperature Recorders etc. Quality Control and Quality Assurance Functions of Allywn Entterprise.


Broadly the function can be classified into three groups:

  • Incoming Inspection
  • In process Inspection
  • Testing Final Inspection
  • Standard Room

Incoming Inspection

Apart from inspecting all the incoming materials like bar stock, raw materials for our own ferrous and non-ferrous foundries in our laboratories and from other approved sources, standard proprietary items like fasteners etc. we have a Vendor Development Cell manned by inspection personnel to control the quality of the components at our ancillaries' premises. Our laboratories have Spectrometer, Universal Testing Machines, Spring Testing Machines, facilities for Chemical analysis of all elements, Sand Testing Facilities etc. We have the system of vendor evaluation and vendor rating as a support service for ensuring entry of right quality material. Undoubtedly all the instruments are calibrated in time in order to maintain their accuracy.

Testing and Final Inspection

We have all the facilities of Hydro, Air and In boiler testing. The test rings are equipped with calibrated pressure gauges. The pressure gauges are calibrated in our in-house Standard Room facility with the help of Sead Weight tester duly calibrated from accredited authority with National Traceability. Even after testing, the Final Inspector Stage takes care of visual, dimensional, painting and packaging requirements to ensure hundred percent customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve ideal values of Cp and Cpk of our processes. Finally, customer feedback is given due importance and analysis made and corrective .

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